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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All rights of the website ( belongs to NATURE OFFICE The Website aims to be a platform that protects, in line with the principles of safety and privacy, the information and data belonging to all individual and corporate users. The Website reserves the right to report user information to authorities if it detects that the website is being used in contravention to this Privacy Policy or laws, or if authorities request to identify and review any such behavior. In addition, the Website also reserves the right to take other measures specified in this Privacy Policy in such cases. The Website is supported by necessary technical and administrative measures designed to achieve the appropriate level of safety in line with changing technology, in a bid to ensure the protection of the information you share with us. The Website advises that it is not possible to offer an absolute guarantee with respect to the privacy of the personal data communicated over the Internet, and recommends that users take the highest possible caution when transmitting personal data online.



The Website may amend or renew this Privacy Policy for any reason without notification. The Privacy Policy provisions that have been changed by the Website enter into force on the day when they are published on the website. The term "Personal Data" used in this Privacy Policy refers to any information that may identify an individual or an entity, including - but not limited to - name-last name, phone number, address, email address, credit card information, ID information, and more. The Website shall use the information that it receives online for the following purposes, and shall never use it for any other purpose, disclose it to third parties, share it, sell it, or allow others to use it.




Inform users of products and events,

Send publications,

Send bulletins or notifications via email,

Answer your questions and offer effective customer services,

Notify users of new services and campaigns,

(In the case of the Website or third parties that it cooperates with) Directly market products,

Contact the user when necessary,

And use the anonymized data for various statistical assessments, database creation and market research activities.





Individual and corporate users agree that from the moment they begin using the Website, their information shall be collected and used in ways and for reasons stated above. The information collected for the purposes above is sent voluntarily by individual and corporate users. Individual and corporate users are free to divulge or withhold this information. However, the Website recommends that individual and corporate users provide the information requested from them so that the Website can offer faster and higher-quality services, and advises that if they do not provide the requested information, the services they request cannot be offered. It is incumbent upon individual and corporate users to ensure that the information they provide is accurate and up-to-date. We kindly ask that you do not offer false, misleading or deficient information. In such cases, the Website shall not have any liability, and if the Website incurs any loss due to user-provided false, misleading or deficient information, the user/users in question shall be liable to compensate the Website for the said losses.




In the event that the Website receives any appropriately conveyed request from administrative or legal authorities, it shall share the personal information that it has with them as per the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.


If the user terminates its use or subscription if any, the Website agrees that it shall delete the information belonging to the user, except the information that the Website is legally required to withhold, and to act in accordance with relevant regulations. 


If users do not wish to receive any notifications from the Website, they should opt-out by sending an email to info@nature-office. The Website shall ensure that they are removed from the notification list. Aside from notifications from this particular email address, users may contact the Website if they want to stop receiving any notifications whatsoever.




The Website may identify and use user IP information in order to define systemic problems and resolve any potential issues with the Website. IP addresses may also be used in order to define users in a general manner and collect comprehensive demographic information.


As per the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, the Website pledges to take all necessary technical and administrative measures and act with due diligence to ensure that private information stays private and safe as a form of confidentiality obligation, and that any part or the entirety of this private information never enters the public sphere or is accessed by unauthorized persons or disclose to third parties, except in cases specified in this agreement.